Prices are in USD • all proceeds go to our rescues

Our Story

Queen Blanco and Little Bollo are little bunnies who has stolen the hearts of their servant Lou and so many other lovely hoomins around the world. When we first started, we were asked by many of those hoomins to create Blanco apparel and so that's exactly what we did. It's amazing to have such a supportive community and see how much our lovely community has grown. We made Blanco's account to make people smile while raising awareness about bunnies, and ultimately to show the world that, when cared for properly, bunnies are such smart, funny and affectionate pets.

Furthermore, it is important to note that, rabbits are the most exploited animals in the world. There are thousands on thousands of abandoned domestic bunnies in shelters and rescues around the world. They need our help. Part of the proceeds from each purchase will be donated to rabbits in need. We are committed to helping these sweet innocent beings, and being a voice whenever they need. If you have made a purchase, thank you for supporting Her Majesty and all her furry friends in need. And if you haven't, thank you for just being part of our community and following our journey.

If you are new here, don't forget to follow Blanco & Bollo on Instagram for some guaranteed laughs, giggles and rabbit care tips. 

Her Majesty and angy boy love each and every one of you!